About Us

Efficiency. Quality. Integrity.

Efficiency. Quality. Integrity.

About our firm.

Founded in 1984, Mata & Pitti is a Panama law firm offering over 30 years of experience to an international clientele interested in the offshore legal opportunities that Panama provides to the world.

Our areas of expertise are mainly associated with incorporations of Panama IBC companies and private interest foundations. However, our legal firm also specializes in ships and yachts registrationsPanama trademark registrations, and migration law.

Located in the banking district of Panama City, our law firm is placed in one of the highest rated financial centers in Latin America. Each attorney that makes up our global-oriented law firm is highly qualified and knowledgeable in all of our practice areas to ensure our clients are fully satisfied and receive the best legal advice and services in Panama.

Whether you are interested in starting a Panama IBC or want to learn more about trademark registrationsmaritime law, or retiring in Panama, our lawyers are waiting to assist you with efficiency, quality, and integrity.

Why Choose Us.


More than 30 years of experience in legal practice in Panama.


Our firm specializes in Panama offshore companies, maritime legal services and trademark registrations.


You will be represented by a reputable and registered Panama offshore law firm and certified Panamanian lawyers.


We will reply to our clients’ enquiries within 24 hours


We provide top rated legal services, but that doesn’t mean that our fee rates are also far above the competition; we always manage to provide quality services with a reasonable price tag. We would also be happy to review any part of your statement of fees in detail and in advance, so you can be sure what’s coming when you choose to work with us.


We believe in providing a straightforward and uncomplicated legal advice


One of our top priorities as an offshore law firm is to guide and inform our clients in advance of each step of the required procedures, their full costs and always keeping them up to date and informed.


We provide quality representation and understanding to all our clients.


You can schedule an appointment at our firm located at the Panama Banking District in order to meet with us personally. With convenient office hours 8am-6pm Monday through Friday, we are within walking distance from the city’s best hotels.


Professional and refined service with personalized attention.