Panama IBC Corporations

The Panama IBC's.

Panama is one of the leading jurisdictions for setting up a corporation. The Panama IBC (also known or referred to as a Panama Offshore Company) is a legal structure created in 1927 and still in force due to its many advantages compared with similar legal entities. It is an internationally operating company accepted in the worldwide business and financial community as a proven structure for holding assets and carrying on all kinds of business operations.

Our law firm has more than 30 years of experience dealing with incorporation of Panama companies, their management, maintenance and all their related legal concerns.

Browse our website to learn more about the advantages of a Panama company. For more legal details, visit our procedure details page so you can better understand how the Panama corporations are created and exist as an autonomous legal structure.

In our Panama corporation’s section, you will also find examples of the main usages of the Panama IBC’s , due diligence requirements and frequently asked questions regarding this topic.

If you are already familiar with the legal structure and just want to find out about the costs of setting up a Panama corporation through our firm, you can go directly to our incorporation costs page and annual maintenance cost pages.

For existing companies, our law firm is also very well acquainted with the necessary legal procedures for filing modifications, resident agent changes and preparing any other documentation required for their reactivation, maintenance or situate them back in good standing.

If you are ready to proceed with an incorporation, please make sure to review our due diligence requirements and send back our incorporation order form. As soon as this document is received, we will contact you and inform you of the total costs for the services, the mandatory requirements, due diligence checks, and detailed instructions to initiate the procedures.