Panama Maritime Law and Admiralty

Maritime Litigation in Panama

Due to its key position and the Canal, Panama is a necessary route for a continuous stream of vessels of all classes. Panama also has a high number of vessel registrations, as a result of its relatively lax and simple registration process and requirements.

Of course, this doesn’t mean there are no regulations at all, and if certain disputes, claims, or arrests occur, then the Maritime Court of Panama is going to get involved.

This is when you will need a Panama lawyer on your side to protect your rights and ensure you get the counsel you need.

What Does Maritime Law Cover?

Maritime law refers to a body of laws, conventions and treaties that were put in place to oversee private maritime businesses, insurance claims related to ships and cargo, shipping matters, civil matters between ship owners and service providers, maritime disputes, and other offenses that occur out on the open water.

In most countries, these laws actually follow a separate code and is considered an independent jurisdiction from the normal body of national laws.

Establishing these codes are up to the individual countries, but most are based on those issued by the International Maritime Organization (IMO). These codes and conventions are regularly updated and changed to keep up with evolving technologies and businesses, so you need a firm that understands the latest developments and how they apply to you.

Understanding Maritime Law and Litigation in Panama

Maritime law in Panama has an extensive history, since this country has the largest number of registered vessels in the world. This is a result of Panama allowing foreign registration, which means there are many business and people registering here due to geographical and commercial advantages.

The Maritime Court of Panama has proven to be a convenient judicial forum for plaintiffs in the international maritime community. It has made it possible to institute judicial proceedings to enforce their claims or dispute the seizure and arrest of vessels.

According to our Maritime Code, the Admiralty Court of Panama also has jurisdiction with respect to the lawsuits derived from acts of maritime commerce and maritime trade outside the territory of the Republic of Panama, it’s territorial and navigate waters, when the defendant is out of its jurisdiction.

At Mata & Pitti, our maritime law firm has strong links with the Panama Maritime Court. Our firm founder, Mr. Francisco Mata, has dealt with many arrest-of-vessel cases and has served as an interim judge of the Court.

Working with the Panama Maritime Court

The costs for a vessel arrest in Panama are very competitive compared with having a trial in other jurisdictions and all the expenses are taxed as cost in the action.

The Panama Maritime Court is available to the international maritime community 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year, in order to institute judicial proceedings to enforce their claims through the seizure and arrest of vessels.

Our law firm provides the following Panama maritime services:

  • Arrest of Vessels
  • Cargo Claims
  • Labor Claims
  • Maritime Liens
  • Carriage of Goods
  • Collisions and Salvage
  • Pollution Claims
  • Personal Injuries Claims
  • Maritime Collections
  • Maritime Enquiries
  • Charter Parties
  • Ship Sale and Purchases
  • Naval Mortgagees
  • Commercial Vessel Registrations in Panama
  • Pleasure Vessel Registrations in Panama

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