Panama IBC Corporations

Panama IBC Incorporation Costs

A closer look at the costs for incorporating a Panama IBC Company through our law firm.

Incorporating a company in Panama requires several documents, certifications, and other activities and fees. Our total costs include documents such as the Articles of Incorporation, the Certificate of Good Standing and its official translations into English, all documents duly certified by Apostille and delivery worldwide in your office via DHL.

The costs for incorporating your company in Panama start at: US $1,195.

This cost includes expenses such as:

  • Notaries fees
  • Capital Registration Tax on the basis of authorized capital of US $10,000
  • Resident Agent fees (for the first year)
  • Notary and legalization legal fees
  • Power of attorney included in the Articles of Incorporation (if required)
  • An English translation of the Articles of Incorporation
  • One or two certificates of shares issued in nominative form
  • Certificate of good standing of the corporation translated into English
  • DHL Courier expenses
  • Annual franchise tax payment of US $300 in concept for the first year of incorporation

Optional additional costs.

Beyond the expenses listed above, you can add some additional services for a small, extra fee. These services include:

  • Nominee Directors Services – Our office can appoint the three Directors-Officers required by law. In this case there shall be an additional charge of US $300 ($100 for each Director appointed). A declaration of indemnity shall be signed by the client when requesting this service.
  • General Power of Attorney – When using a Nominee Board of Directors, you will require a General Power of Attorney in order to control and act on behalf the corporation. In this case, we recommend issuing this document through a separate document legalized by Apostille. Said power of attorney will grant you power to open bank accounts, sign contracts or make any other business activities on behalf of the corporation. There would be an additional charge of US $100 for this document.

Summary of the total cost of a Panama IBC company.

The following incorporation packages have been developed through years of experience providing Panama incorporation services.

  • Total when appointing your own Directors – US $1,195
  • Total with Nominee Directors + Power of Attorney – US $1,635

In order to proceed we will require the following.

  1. The completion of our incorporation order form.
  2. The completion and signature of each shareholder on our “due diligence form” (contact us for more details).
  3. To complete and sign by each appointed director our “director due diligence form”.
  4. ID or passport copy of the Directors-Officers (if appointed by the client).
  5. Passport or ID copy of the shareholder/beneficial owner for our private files.
  6. The name and passport copy for our private files of the person that will be appointed for the general power of attorney when using Nominee Directors.
  7. For each appointed member (director, shareholder, representative), we will need an address confirmation document; example; utility bill, statement.
  8. The transfer of the cost of the incorporation of the company to our bank account (the payment can also be made with Visa or MasterCard cards ).

Next steps.

If you are ready to proceed with an incorporation, please make sure to review our due diligence requirements. Once we receive the requirements, complete our due diligence checks and the confirmation that the funds were transferred to our account, we will initiate the incorpo

Contact us for a consultation.

Do not hesitate in contact our law firm with any questions about our services or if you require further details for incorporating a Panama company.


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