Panama Trademark Registrations

Registering your trademark in Panama

Background as a trademark protection hub.

Due to its privileged geographical position and the existence of the Colon Free Zone since 1948, Panama has become a center of supply of financial services, import, export, and re-export of merchandise in the Western Hemisphere. For this reason, Panama has additionally become a strategic center for the registration of trademarks.

When a trademark is registered in Panama, its owner can trace any possible counterfeits and legally prevent it from being re-exported and launched into the markets through the Colon Free Zone.

A streamlined trademark registration process.

Regardless of nationality or domicile, any natural or juridical person may apply for trademark registration in Panama. Trademarks are granted for a period of 5 or 10 years and could be renewed for additional periods.

The trademark request shall be published only once in the Bulletin of Industrial Property. If within the sixty days following the publication, no claim is filed against it, then the trademark registration becomes official.

Trademark registration time frame.

Approximately six months to obtain the official registration certificate; nevertheless, the trademark has been protected retroactively since the day of its application.

Simplified requirements:

Trademarks enquires?

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