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Our legal services are mainly focused on:

Mata & Pitti, a team of Panama lawyers and professionals specializing in Panama’s legal services to corporate and individual clients worldwide. We are committed to assisting you and confident that we have the skills to deliver the results you are looking for; our law firm areas our practice are mainly related with:

Incorporation & Management of Panama IBC Companies.

Our team incorporates and manages Panama IBC companies regularly. We are familiar with Panama’s Corporation law and all its related subjects and latets law requirements including due diligence compliance and accounting records.

We can assist with new incorporations, filing amendments to an existent company, taking over resident agent duties of an existing Panama corporation, reactivations of left behind companies, and, if they are no longer needed, assist you with their formal dissolution. Whether you are interested in these services as a professional intermediary or individual, we can provide the necessary legal support


Creation & Management of Panama Private Interest Foundations.

The Panama Private Foundations are a trending legal structure that combines Panamanian corporations’ features and the benefits of Trusts to establish a more modern and flexible legal vehicle. Our law firm can provide the necessary guidance and inform the structure’s advantages for asset protection or personal and family asset planning.

Our lawyers have a great deal of experience dealing with law 25 of 1995, whereby Panama Private Interest Foundations are regulated. We can also guide you through the recent law changes, updates, and due diligence requirements to maintain your entity in good standing and assist in complying with the latest accounting records obligations.


International Banking Guidance.

We understand that having a bank account for your Panama Company or Private Foundation is crucial for the project.

Although we are not in the banking business or offer direct bank account opening services, we do have the expertise and know-how to refer and guide you through the process of opening a bank account either in Panama or abroad. Our office can assist if any documentation or legal assistance is required from the Company or Foundation side.


Panama Ships Registrations & Maritime Law.

Our law firm has substantial experience working with worldwide clients looking for the advantages of the Panama Open Registry and can assist with the registration to obtain their navigation licenses, radio patents, and other related documents and procedures from the Panama Maritime Authorities.


Panama Maritime Conflicts.

Since its creation, maritime law has been embedded in our law firm nature. We have much experience with maritime litigation cases, especially labor conflicts representing the vessel owners or crew. Our team can also assist with the arrest of vessels and naval mortgages.

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Trademark Registrations in Panama.

As Panama becomes a key center in Latin America for the supply of financial services and re-export of merchandise, it has also become a critical legal strategy for worldwide commerce to have its trademarks registered in Panama to protect their products and services officially.

Our law firm has experience working with the Panama Direction of Trademarks and assists on regular basis clients from all over the world looking to register its trademarks in Panama. We can immediately provide the Panama trademark application scanned via email that formalizes the start of your trademark legal rights.

We can also assist with trademark renewals, changes multiple trademark registrations or a single trademark registration in multiple classes.


Assistance for retiring in Panama.

For those looking to retire in the many Panama beaches areas, high lands, or the city, our lawyers can walk you through the legal process for obtaining residency rights and explaining the many advantages that retirees have according to our laws.



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