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Mata & Pitti is an experienced Panama law firm specializing in Panama’s global-oriented legal services for individuals and companies worldwide. Our practice areas include incorporations and management of Panama IBC’s and Private Interest Foundations, ship registrations, Panama migration laws, and comprehensive real estate services, encompassing brokerage and legal assistance for buying and selling properties. 


Founded in 1984

Our offices are located in the banking district of Panama City, currently one of the main financial centers in Latin America. As a globally-oriented law firm, the Panama lawyers that make up our team are experienced specialists in Panama’s overseas legal services, maritime law, real estate, migration, trademarks, and more.

Browse our legal services to find out the advantages of using a Panama company for your international operations or the asset protection that a Panama Foundation can provide. Learn more about how our specialties are aligned with your goals. Whether you are interested in corporate services, real estate transactions, trademark registrations, migration, or more, our team is waiting to assist you.

Panama’s international services platform has evolved, and our firm is strategically positioned to guide you through these changes. We specialize in the diverse legal procedures required by the global community. With our expertise in Panamanian law, and a commitment to experience, integrity, and dedication, we provide the support you need.





Our main Services

Panama Corporations

Panama IBCs are globally recognized for versatile business and holding purposes, consistently showing resilience in an evolving world.

Private Interest Foundations

A legal entity in Panama tailored for asset protection and estate planning.

Discover the advantages and how to begin the process.

International Banking

Guidance on opening an international bank account for your Panama entity.

Rely on our expertise and personalized bank referrals for a smoother international banking journey.

Ship & Vessel Registration

Discover why Panama is a leading choice for merchant marine registration. Learn about the advantages of registering your vessel in Panama, a renowned hub for international maritime activities.

Maritime Litigation

Panama’s global shipping prominence ensures efficient maritime dispute resolution.

Connect with us for expert legal support.

Trademarks Registration

Panama serves as a key jurisdiction for registering and safeguarding your trademark.

Learn more about the process and how to register.

Panama Residency Options

Explore the various paths to permanent residence in this economically vibrant and strategically positioned country. Get started today.

Relocation and Real Estate Brokerage

Discover why Panama is an excellent choice for retirement and explore our comprehensive offerings in real estate and legal guidance for your seamless relocation to Panama.


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