Panama Offshore Corporations


15 Advantages of a Panama IBC (International Business Corporation)

The process of forming a Panama offshore ibc is a relatively straightforward, simple and cost-effective course of action, and the results can be extremely beneficial for your company.

The most common form of an offshore corporation is known as an International Business Company (IBC), and the Corporation Law of Panama was drafted with special characteristics to streamline the registration, operation and management of these organizations for both nationals and foreigners. This has made Panama a thriving business hub that provides an ideal environment for a variety of investment vehicles.

The benefits of a Panama IBC, though, go beyond the ease of setup and management. The list below outlines many of the advantages of forming a Panama offshore company.

  1. No Currency Restrictions
    The U.S. dollar is standard in Panama, but there are no currency restrictions.
  2. Personal Presence is Not Required
    Interested parties do not need to be present in Panama in order to form a corporation. This is achieved with the use of nominee incorporators in Panama who act on behalf of the interested parties by executing the Articles of Incorporation.
  3. No Requirements to File Reports
    Filling reports with the Panamanian government regarding offshore activities is not necessary with the exception of the annual government franchise tax to keep the corporation in good standing. Records associated with offshore corporation activities can be kept anywhere in the world.
  4. Tax Advantages
    The territorial source principle is the basis of taxation in the Republic of Panama. This means that any income that is obtained from operations outside of the country of Panama is not taxable.
  5. No Need to Deposit or Pay Registered Capital
    The registered capital for the corporation is simply a nominal figure that projects the estimated value of the entity and does not need to be paid or deposited.
  6. No Nationality Restrictions
    The directors and shareholders of the company can be members of any nationality and residents of any country.
  7. Low Incorporation Costs
    Incorporation costs in Panama are competitive when compared to other jurisdictions.
  8. Accounting Flexibility
    The accounting books of the corporation may be managed within Panama, abroad or even by electronic means.
  9. Commercial License Not Required for Offshore Activities
    Corporations that engage in business outside of Panama are not required to obtain a commercial license or operation notice (this is called “Aviso de Operacion” in Panama).
  10. Fast Incorporation Time Frame
    The approximate time frame to establish an offshore corporation in Panama is four to five business days.
  11. The Shareholders’ Identities are Private
    The identities of corporation shareholders are kept strictly confidential and are not registered at the Panama Public Registry.
  12. Share Certificate Security
    Share certificates are issued in private documents, and the officers and directors of the corporation are not required to be shareholders.
  13. Low Maintenance Costs
    Annual maintenance costs for a Panama IBC, such as resident agent fees and annual corporate taxes, are approximately USD 550.
  14. Meetings Flexibility
    Shareholder and director meetings can be held in the Republic of Panama or they can be held in any other country.
  15. Privacy
    Panama offers a globally recognized financial infrastructure that values and safeguards financial privacy.

Now Is the Time to Start
There may be no better time to take your business offshore than right now.

The elements of a Panama offshore company create an environment in which many companies can greatly benefit. Contact Mata & Pitti Attorneys at Law for a consultation on our services and discover how you can experience these advantages for yourself.