Panama Offshore Corporations


The process of forming a Panama offshore corporation is a relatively straightforward, simple and cost effective course of action.

The most common form of an offshore corporation is known as an International Business Company (IBC). The Corporations law of Panama was drafted with special characteristics that streamline the registration, operation and management of these corporations for both nationals and foreigners. This thriving business hub provides an ideal environment for a variety of investment vehicles.

The list below outlines the main advantages of forming a Panama Offshore Company.

No Currency Restrictions.
Personal Presence is not Required.
No Requirements to File Reports.
Tax Advantages.
No Need to Deposit or pay Registered Capital.
No Nationality Restrictions.
Low Incorporation Costs.
Accounting Flexibility.
Commercial License not required for offshore activities.
Fast Incorporation Time Frame.
The shareholders identities are private.
Share certificate security.
Low maintenance costs.
Meetings flexibility.