Panama Offshore Corporations

Annual Maintenance Costs

In each anniversary of the date of incorporation the company must pay US$ 300 for the Annual Franchise Tax to the Panama Government.

In addition, US$ 350 shall be paid to our law firm for Resident Agent fees. In case of Directors / Officers appointed by our firm, there would be an additional annual fee of US$100 for each appointed Director.

Total annual renewal costs.

Payment alternatives.

The annual maintenance payments can be made via Bank Transference, Visa / MasterCard credit cards or by Western Union or similar companies. Contact us for further payment instructions.

We will send you a reminder before the due date.

Our firm will take care of paying the above taxes to the Panama Government. Usually a reminder note via email is sent a month or so before the due date in order for you to arrange the payments with enough previous time and maintain your corporation in good standing.