Panama boasts a thriving business and economic climate and superior banking laws supported by a stable government and solid regulations. Banking in Panama is easy with the help of immigration lawyers in Panama. Mata & Pitti is a Panama law firm offering our experience to an international clientele who want offshore legal opportunities that Panama offers to the world. Here is more information on who can benefit from banking in Panama:


Panamanian investments are foreign investments that occur in financial centers or those that use Panama as a tax haven for their operations. Investors can enjoy no taxes when they deposit capital income in bank accounts. Tax havens don’t tax dividends paid to shareholders, capital gains, omission of corporate actions, or interest earned on bank deposits. Investors can also enjoy the diversification of investments, which helps to reduce the risk of losses. 

Your capital gets distributed in various countries with various currencies and products. You can invest in futures, stocks, currencies, bonds, etc., on any stock exchange in every market worldwide. Strict bank secrecy and confidentiality rules help investors do their operations privately. You can invest in emerging countries and traditional markets without suffering administrative or legal troubles. Investors have access to products they could not invest in their country of origin.

Our attorneys are knowledgeable and qualified to provide our clients with the best legal services and advice in Panama. We specialize in Panama trademark registrations, offshore companies, and maritime legal services.


Panama offers a low cost of living and great weather for potential retirees. The country has a friendly tax system and a stable political situation, which means a bright economic outlook. Panama also has a great program of perks and discounts for foreign retirees. That’s why it’s becoming a top retirement haven for many people. The Pensioner visa offers benefits, including inconveniences and discounts, making retiring in Panama easy. The discounts include transportation, restaurants, medications, and more. 

Retirees enjoy tax exemption to import their household items when relocating to Panama. They also enjoy other conveniences such as special programs to participate in businesses and express lines. Panama offers different retirement lifestyle choices, including cooler mountain climes, beautiful beachfront towns, and cosmopolitan cities. 

We’ll provide you with guidance on privacy concerns and the protection of assets. Whether you plan to retire in Panama or keep your money there for investment, we’ll assist you in achieving top privacy. 

Get Help From Mata & Pitti Before Banking in Panama

Banking in Panama can be effortless if you work with a competent legal firm. At Mata & Pitti, we offer top-rated legal services at a reasonable price. Our priority as an offshore law firm is to inform and guide our clients of the required procedures and costs and keep them informed and up-to-date. We can assist you if you want to know more about retiring in Panama, trademark registrations, maritime law, or starting a Panama IBC. Schedule a consultation with our firm located in the Panama banking district to meet with us.