Although Panama banking is open to foreign individuals and corporations, you need professionals to handle the paperwork and help with referrals and secretarial services. That’s where Mata Pitti comes in handy. We’re a recognized Panama law firm specializing in global-oriented legal services.

Banking is an inevitable component of running an international business. Investors planning to bank with Panamanian firms can enjoy superior banking laws, the latest technology standards, and strict privacy regulations. Our team can help you through the steps required to get started:

1. Pick the Right Bank

Panama is home to several major international banks, so finding the right one can be challenging. You can start by checking if your current bank operates in Panama. Our team can help you with public and private referrals for banks in Panama and abroad. Whether you need an international bank with great connections or a small bank with great interest rates, we’ll help you find the right pick. Our lawyers know many reliable banks operating out of Panama and abroad.

2. Prepare the Necessary Documents

Mata Pitti can assist you with obtaining the necessary corporate documents for banking in Panama. You should prepare documents in advance to avoid delays. Processing documents can take more time than expected, so we recommend getting a head start. Our team can help you secure multiple references and process identification, work certificates, proof of income, and tax returns. We also offer secretarial services for bank forms and other documents.

3. Hire an Experienced Attorney

Working with an experienced lawyer can help you navigate the complex banking process and establish an IBS in Panama. You can work with a bi-lingual attorney to help make sure nothing will get lost in translation. A good attorney will help you understand the process and all requirements. Our firm offers experienced lawyers speaking fluent English, Spanish, and other languages. You can expect the best services and transparency without costly miscommunications.

4. Start Building Credit

If you plan to set up a business in Panama, start building your credit as soon as possible. You can easily build credit through your Panama bank to enjoy the flexibility of business loans, auto loans, and mortgages. Building credit first requires you to open a Panama bank account. Our team will guide you through the process and requirements, so you can avoid errors and delays. We can also help you manage your Panama IBC or PIF more efficiently.

5. Protect Your Assets & Privacy

Mata Pitti provides guidance on the protection of assets and privacy concerns. Whether you plan to relocate to Panama or want to put money away for investment, we’ll help you achieve top privacy and protection. Our firm provides nominee director services and leverages advanced technology to simplify managing your overseas bank account. We can offer legal assistance and guidance to help you protect your assets and privacy.

Working With a Panama Banking Partner

Opening and managing a Panama bank account should be effortless if you partner with experienced legal firms. At Mata Pitti law firm, we specialize in global-oriented legal services to individuals and companies. Our practice spans incorporations, Panama banking, managing IBCs, and Private Interest Foundations. We also have lawyers experienced in ship registrations, migration laws, and other aspects.