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Mata & Pitti is an experienced Panama law firm specializing in Panama’s global-oriented legal services for individuals and companies worldwide. Our practice areas are mainly related to incorporations and management of Panama IBC’s and Private Interest Foundations. Our lawyers are also experts in ships registrations as well as Panama migration laws.


Founded in 1984

Our offices are located in the banking district of Panama City, currently one of main financial centers in Latin America. As a globally-oriented law firm, the Panama lawyers that make up our team are experienced specialists in Panama’s overseas legal services, maritime law, and surrounding legal concerns such as migration and trademarks.

Browse our legal services to find out the advantages of using a Panama company for your international operations or the asset protection that a Panama Foundation can provide. Learn more about how our specialties are aligned with your goals. Whether you are interested in corporate services, trademarks registrations, migration, or more, our team is waiting to assist you.

Many things have changed in Panama’s international services platform; our firm is positioned to assist you in these new times and guide you through the different legal procedures usually requested by the global community. As experts in Panama law, our law firm has the experience, integrity, and dedication to provide you with the support you need.





Our main Services

Panama Corporations

Panama IBC’s are accepted in the worldwide commerce and financial community as a proven structures to carry all kinds of business operations.

Private Interest Foundations

A legal structure specifically designed for asset protection and estate planning.

International Banking

Guidance on opening an international bank account for your Panama entity.

Ship & Vessel Registration

Panama currently has the biggest merchant marine in the world.

Learn why and how to register.

Maritime Litigation

Panama’s preeminent position in the global shipping industry positions it as a platform for the resolution of maritime legal conflicts.

Trademarks Registration

Panama is a key jurisdiction to register and protect your trademark. Learn more.

Residency Programs

There are several alternatives to get a permanent residence visa in Panama. Learn more.

Retire/Relocate in Panama

Why Panama is a noted alternative for retiring? Learn more.


Our Blog

How to Get the Most Out of Retiring in Panama

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Panama Banking: Steps To Get You Started

Although Panama banking is open to foreign individuals and corporations, you need professionals to handle the paperwork and help with referrals and secretarial services. That’s where Mata Pitti comes in handy. We’re a recognized Panama law firm specializing in...

Documents You Need to Get Panama Residency

Applying for Panama residency is wise for anyone looking to relocate, register vessels, or create bank accounts in Panama. Only a few places worldwide provide this level of benefits, flexibility, and straightforwardness. At Mata & Pitti, we provide legal services...


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