Panama is a popular destination for many pensioners because of its low living costs and warm climate. Before relocating, you need to apply for a Panama residency. Mata Pitti will help you with everything you need for your residency.

Apply for a Panama Pensionado Visa

You need to apply for a Panama retirement visa to gain residency legally in the country as a pensioner. There are no age requirements to qualify for the visa, but you must have a guaranteed pension income for life.

Benefits of a Panama Pensionado Visa

Your Panama retirement visa will allow you access to the following benefits:

  • Discounted rates for hotel stays, travel, hospital bills, utility bills, mortgage, and loans.
  • Tax and duty exemptions on importing household goods
  • Customs exemption on the purchase and importation of a vehicle every two years
  • Exoneration from paying SFIC transactions in personal or commercial loans

Requirements to Apply for A Panama Pensionado Visa

To get the Panama retirement visa, you must complete the following criteria:

  • Letter of guarantee from your pensioner in the foreign country. This letter verifies that there are funds to guarantee your pension for life.
  • Proof that your pension exceeds $1,000 and an extra $250 for each of your dependents per month.
  • Health certificate from a Panamanian board-certified doctor.
  • Police record or certificate of good conduct from the authorities in your country of residence for the last five years.

To file your application, you need to do so via a Panamanian immigration lawyer. Mata Pitti offers legal services within Panama and can help you apply from anywhere in the world. The laws can differ, depending on the situation, but our experts can help you understand the legal immigration requirements you need.

Pensioners from government institutions must submit a single letter of guarantee from their pensioner. If you worked in a private company, you might have to submit more letters of guarantee to verify that your pensioner can provide you with a lifetime pension.

During the application process, you need to submit various documentation, including:

  • Photocopy of your valid passport. You must submit all pages, including the cover, and they must be authenticated and notarized by Panamanian Consulate.
  • Original passport
  • Four passport-size photographs
  • Sworn affidavit about your personal background. You can do this through your immigration lawyer in Panama.

Mata & Pitti will issue you special power of attorney and a letter of responsibility alongside the immigration declaration form. Our experts will help make sure the process is smooth for you and your dependents.

Apply for Panama Residency

The immigration process can be quite complex, but working with a lawyer can help streamline the process. The experts understand immigration law and can help you get Panama residency in no time.

Mata Pitti is your trusted immigration law firm in Panama, offering legal services to companies and individuals worldwide. Our experts have experience in Panama’s immigration laws, so they can help you apply for residency in Panama. Contact us to get started.