In today’s political and economic climate, you may be aching to escape and find somewhere new to live. And you wouldn’t be alone in those thoughts! More people than ever are packing up and moving to new countries to experience different culture, food, and people. If you’ve ever thought about doing this, you might want to consider moving to Panama. Apart from escaping the political and economic downfalls happening in your own country, living in Panama can give you a sense of adventure and fulfillment you’ve never experienced before. Here are some of the biggest things you need to know about living in Panama.

Your Dollar Goes Much Farther

In Panama, your dollar goes much farther, especially when compared to the North American economy. This means everything you do is cheaper, ranging from labor to housing costs. If you’ve ever wanted to hire a housekeeper but have never been able to afford it, it’s likely that you’ll be able to do so in Panama. Building and renting housing is also cheaper due in part to lower property taxes and utility costs. If you’re looking to save more money in the long run, Panama would be a great choice.

You’ll Stay Safe

Unfortunately, sometimes people have a misconception that countries other than their own are more dangerous. For this reason, many people don’t feel comfortable exploring new countries. While the safety issue may be true for certain countries, Panama is a very safe country. The U.S. Department of State hasn’t issued any official safety warnings for Panama. While you should always take safety precautions in any new country you visit, you can still rest assured that you’ll be safe.

More Affordable Health Care

If you’re dissatisfied with your country’s health care system, Panama can offer you a new, more affordable solution. In Panama City and the areas around it, you’ll have access to high-quality health care that can range anywhere from 50% to 75% cheaper than what you’re used to. In fact, the Hospital Punta Pacifica in Panama City is associated with John Hopkins. There are other areas in Panama, like Coronado and Boquete, that have good local health care options while being close enough to larger hospitals for serious medical conditions.

New Experiences

 If you’ve never been to Panama, you’re in for a wonderful experience. The country offers you a wide variety of amazing things to do, ranging from tourist attractions to beaches to historic tours. Any brief perusal online will reveal a huge number of websites that list the various things you can do in Panama. These lists are typically geared toward tourists, so imagine what you could do if you are living there.

In the end, living in Panama allows you to live in a brand new culture and with a brand new people, which can be an incredibly fulfilling experience. Panama is known for its colorful culture and friendly people, both which create a wonderful place for expats.

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