If you plan well, retiring in Panama can be the greatest adventure of your life. Panama offers retirees several perks, and you’ll avoid unpleasant surprises by knowing influential details in advance. Mata & Pitti is an experienced Panama law firm that offers companies and individuals worldwide legal services. Here are tips to help you get the most out of retiring in Panama:


Define Your Goals

Retirement in Panama is a great way to enjoy an active lifestyle, beautiful weather, and a low cost of living. Think about what you want to accomplish after retiring and how Panama will help you to achieve your goals.

Research healthcare in Panama places to live, and the cost of living. Have an accurate estimate of all the expenses.

Consider the lifestyle you want to live. You can live in a major city such as Panama City, on a beachfront property, or in the mountains where you all enjoy nature and cooler air. Knowing what you want in advance is key to successful retirement planning.

Our top priority is to inform and guide our clients through every step of the required procedures. We’ll inform you of the total costs and keep you updated on Panama’s opportunities.


Plan When To Retire

If you are financially ready for Panamanian retirement, there are a few logistical matters to think about. You will need to fill out an application to become a permanent resident. To get retiree resident status, you must show that you have a pension or an income.

You should hire a Panamanian attorney to process your application. The lawyer will provide a sworn statement on your background. With careful consideration and planning, retiring in the country can be rewarding and financially sensible on many levels.

Our law firm is knowledgeable and highly qualified to give you the best legal advice and services. Our goal is to make sure you are completely satisfied. We’ll inform you and help you meet all the requirements to apply for permanent residency in Panama. Our team will help you weigh the benefits and costs provided by the beautiful country to make an informed decision.


Take Advantage of Residency Programs for Retirees

Panama offers the least expensive and easiest residency program for retirees, known as the Pensionado program. The program includes excellent discounts on most basic utilities—including healthcare, transportation, entertainment, and more—to help retirees to live a comfortable life in Panama.

There are specific requirements that you must need to qualify for residency. You need to have a lawyer and provide proof of income, a marriage license if you’re applying as a couple and a clean criminal background check. These documents should be authenticated and notarized in your home country.

With our help, the process can take a short time to complete for you to get a permanent residency in Panama. You will be represented by certified Panamanian lawyers and a registered, reputable Panama offshore law firm.


Get Help From Mata & Pitti When Retiring in Panama

Mata & Pitti consists of Panama lawyers who are experienced experts in Panama’s maritime law, overseas legal services, and legal concerns like trademarks and migration. We are experts in Panama law and have the dedication, experience, and integrity to offer you the support you need when retiring in Panama. Our law firm is ready to help and guide you through various legal procedures requested by the global community.