Why choosing a Panama Offshore Corporation?

Due to many advantages and particular characteristics, Panama is one of the leading Jurisdictions for setting up an Offshore Corporation. The Panama IBC is an International Operating Company accepted in the worldwide banking and financial community as a proven structure to carry on all kind of business interests.

Panama Offshore Corporations may participate in any legal activity in Panama or the jurisdictions in which is desired to operate. This would include consulting companies, shipping companies, offshore manufacturing, online businesses, air transportation companies, licensing and sublicensing companies, small business companies, family businesses and so on.

Below, you will find the some general advantages of why chosing a Panama Corporations as the juridiction for crating your offshore company:

No currency restrictions.
There are not currency restrictions in Panama. The U.S. dollar is the circulating medium.

No requirements to deposit or paid the registered capital.
It is not necessary to have a paid-in capital. According to our laws the registered capital is just a nominal figure which projects and estimated value of the corporation and it is not required to be paid or deposited.

It is not required to come personally to Panama to incorporate the company.
It is not necessary for the interested parties to be present for the purpose of organizing a Corporation. In this case, corporations are formed through nominee incorporators in Panama, who execute the basic instrument for the incorporation called Articles of Incorporation.

Offshore activities, not required to file reports.
There are no requirements to file any reports with the Panamanian government regarding any offshore activities, except the annual government franchise tax to have the corporation in good standing.

Tax Advantages.
Taxation in the Republic of Panama is based in the territorial source principle. Therefore, incomes obtained from operations performed abroad the Panama territory are not taxable under our law.

Company Directors and Shareholders can be from any nationality.
The directors, shareholders and officers, may be of any nationality and resident of any country.

Flexibility for holding directors and shareholder meetings.
Meetings of directors and shareholders may be held in the Republic of Panama or in any other country.

Share certificates are issued only in private documents.
Share certificates may be issued to the bearer or in the name of its owner and may be issued with or without par value. Neither the directors nor the officers need to be shareholders.

Shareholders identities are strictly private.
Shareholders identity is not registered at the Panama Public Registry.

No need to keep accounting in Panama.
The accounting books of the corporation may be kept within Panama or abroad and also by electronic means.

No requirement of commercial license for offshore activities.
Corporations conducting business outside Panama, do not require a commercial license.

Low incorporation costs.
Competitive incorporation costs compared to other jurisdictions.

Low Maintenance costs.
Annual maintenance costs including annual corporate taxes and resident agent fees are only USD 500.

Quick incorporation time frame.
Panama Offshore Incorporation time frame: approximately 4 to 5 business days.

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