Panama is among the world’s renowned business destinations, with more investors setting up offshore companies to enjoy its unique advantages. The country’s strategic location makes it ideal for international business corporations handling operations globally. You can work with a Panama lawyer to help set up operations remotely as you plan to expand business internationally. Here are the advantages of using a Panama company for international operations.

Lesser Restrictions

International expansion can seem challenging due to the numerous restrictions in different countries. Panama has fewer nationality and currency restrictions, making the formation of a Panama IBC easy. You also experience reasonable accounting report requirements, which make international business operations easier.

Mata & Pitti helps you legally incorporate a company in Panama to facilitate international operations. The law does not require you to be physically present within Panama for the registration of companies and bank accounts. Our experts will help you handle everything correctly to help set up your business.

Safety and Stability

Panama’s political and socio-economic stability has made the country a safe haven for investors. Its strategic location links multiple shipping routes, facilitating international trade across different continents globally. Investors also enjoy currency stability since Panama companies rely on the USD to transact.

Your business will thrive well in the stable and safe Panama environment and economy. Mata & Pitti can help you register your property within Panama, including trademarks, ships, and vessels. Having property registered within Panama allows you to conduct business legally within the country and comfortably serve global customers.

Tax Benefits

Panama uses a territorial system for taxing businesses and individuals, which is a relatively simple tax structure. Unlike most other countries, Panama only taxes income generated from Panamanian territory. Non-Panamanian income is not taxed in Panama, so you have no obligations to pay tax for unrelated operations. Other tax benefits include duty-free zones and tax subsidies that promote offshoring businesses.

While Panama’s tax regulations seem easy, you need an expert to understand the benefits you qualify for. At Mata & Pitti, we help you comply with Panama’s tax responsibilities and make optimal use of the benefits. Our experts can also refer overseas banking to help you invest, safeguard your assets, and enjoy tax benefits.


If you are worried about competitors getting your trade secrets, you can enjoy complete confidentiality in Panama. Some of the protections in their confidentiality laws include:

  • The identities of the shareholders of Panama companies is private information.
  • Legal stipulations about bank secrecy. Disclosure of account information to any third party is punishable by law.

These benefits apply to specific international business corporations in Panama. To enjoy the benefits, work with a lawyer who understands the legal structure and due diligence requirements. At Mata & Pitti, we help create a legal Panama offshore company to facilitate international operations. We recommend unique procedures during registration, making sure your business enjoys confidentiality.

Work With a Panama Lawyer

Using a Panama company for international operations helps you reach more customers globally and enjoy benefits like confidentiality and tax advantages. Mata & Pitti is happy to be your trusted Panama lawyer, offering global-oriented services for companies and individuals alike. Our experts handle IBC incorporation and registration of property like ships and trademarks to secure the assets. Contact us today to get started.