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Panama’s Economic Environment

Brought to you by Mata & Pitti: A top law firm specializing in Panama offshore legal services. The economic environment in Panama continues to be as strong as ever for international business investors. Total Companies Listed (as of 2016): Approximately 457,895 Active Corporations and 20,965 Active Private Foundations Number of Registered Companies in 2018: 3,360

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Choosing a Law Firm in Panama (Infographic)

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Maritime Law in Panama: A Brief History and Lesson

Panama has the largest number of registered vessels in the world, with more than 8,100 vessels, yachts, fishing boats, tankers and cargo ships registered under its flag. The weight of all the vessels registered in Panama is around 81 million tons, which account for almost 22% of the tonnage of all ships in the world.

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Living in Panama: What You Need to Know

In today’s political and economic climate, you may be aching to escape and find somewhere new to live. And you wouldn’t be alone in those thoughts! More people than ever are packing up and moving to new countries to experience different culture, food, and people. If you’ve ever thought about doing this, you might want

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