Pleasure Vessels and Yachts Registrations

 The procedure for a yacht registration in Panama is straightforward and simple.

The Provisional Registration may be obtained in 2 days after the application. It will be necessary to provide complete information about the vessel and to pay the government taxes. Once the Provisional Registration is obtained, there is a term of 6 months to present all the original documents in order to obtain the Permanent Registration.

 Yacht Provisional Registration.

For the Provisional Navigation and Radio License, we will require the following information:

  • Name of the vessel
  • Owner’s name and address
  • Previous name of the vessel
  • Previous nationality
  • Place of built
  • Date of built
  • Builders
  • Number of decks, mats and funnel
  • Material of the hull
  • Length, breadth and depth
  • Tonnage: gross and net
  • Type and number of engines
  • Type and number of cylinders
  • Brand and name of manufacturers
  • Speed of the vessel
  • Horse powers
  • Authority in charge of the radio (if apply)
  • Information about the radio and equipment
  • Areas of navigation

 Yacht Permanent Registration.

Documents required in order obtaining the Permanent Registration of the ship in Panama:

The following list of documents shall be presented in a term of 6 months after the issuance of the provisional registration.

  • Proof of ownership (Bill of Sale or Building Certificate).
  • Power of attorney on behalf our Firm for registering the yacht (we will provide draft).
  • Deletion certificate / cancellation of previous registry (not required for new vessels).

 Note regarding the above documents:

The above documents shall be authenticated by a Panamanian Consul or by Apostille.

 Costs & Fees:

There is no minimum tonnage required for the registration of a yacht and there is a sole enrolment charge of US$1,500 for Yachts. If the yacht is owned by Panamanian natural person or Panama IBC, the charge shall be of US$1,000.

Please contact us in order to obtain a quote for our fees for registering a vessel in Panama including the registration of the provisional and permanent registration as well as the procedure expenses.

 Yacht registration time frame:

Our Firm can obtain the Provisional Registration once all the information is provided in approximately 2 business days.

 Second year payments:

Every two years the vessel shall pay to the Panama Government US$1500 (or US$1,000 if owned by a Panama IBC). Please contact us in order to obtain a quote for our fees for being Resident Agents of the Vessel in Panama.