Quote a Vessel Registration

Quote a Vessel Registration in Panama

In order to obtain a detailed quotation for a vessel registration in Panama, please provide via email mp@matapitti.net or fax (507) 264-6127, the following information regarding the ship:

  • Vessel Name.
  • Type of vessel.
  • Net tonnage.
  • Gross tonnage.
  • Year of build.
  • Your contact information.

Notice for pleasure vessels (Yachts):

There is no minimum tonnage required for the registration of a pleasure vessel (yacht, boats, etc). There is a sole enrolment charge of US$1,500 for Yachts. If the yacht is owned by Panamanian natural person or a Panama Corproation the charge shall be of US$1,000.

Kindly contact us for any questions or to receive a formal quotation.