Panama Maritime & Ship Registrations

Panama Maritime & Ship Registrations

Whether you represent a shipping company with commercial vessels such as cargo ships, cruises or tankers or an individual ship owner of a pleasure vessel such as a yacht, sailboat or catamaran; our law firm has the experience and expertise to assist you with your Panama ship or vessel registry. We have many years of experience dealing with worldwide clients looking for the advantages of using the Panama flag and can surely assist with the registration procedures to obtain the navigation licenses, radio patents or any other related documents from the Panama Maritime Authorities.

Why choose Panama for registering your vessel?

  • No nationality restrictions for owners.
  • Agile and efficient service (24 hours the Panama Maritime Authorities).
  • Tax exemptions on utilities from maritime commerce.
  • Compliance with International Maritime safety agreements.
  • No requisites on minimum tonnage or age of vessel.
  • Security in matters of Registration.
  • Panama has an extensive network of Consulates around the world to facilitate client payments and procedures.
  • Special Bareboat Registration.
  • Sole enrollment charge for pleasure vessels (boats, yachts, sailboats, catamarans).

Contact us for help with registering your ship or vessel in Panama.

From commercial ships to pleasure vessels, our lawyers would be glad to assist you and provide all the necessary legal support related to the Panama ship registry.

Mata & Pitti can assist also with the registration of mortgages over these vessels as well as other services connected to maritime activities. Feel free to contact us for any questions or to obtain a formal quote.