Panama Private Interest Foundations

Documents Included

Documents included when ordering a Panama Private Foundation through our law firm.

The following documents are included in our Private Interest Foundation (PIF) Package:

  1. The original copy of the public deed issued by Notary Public of Panama, whereby is notarized and registered the Foundation Charter, certified by Apostille.
  2. Official translation into English of the Foundation Charter, certified by Apostille.
  3. Original Certification of Incorporation issued by the Panama Public Registry, stating that the Foundation is in good standing, certified by Apostille.
  4. Official English translation of the Foundation Certificate of Good Standing issued by the Panama Public Registry.
  5. Foundation Regulations, sample document for your reference.
  6. Official receipt for the first annual franchise payment of US$350.


When a Nominee Foundation Council is appointed by us, in addition we shall include the following:

  1. Power of attorney in English or Spanish, issued by the Foundation Council, duly notarized and certified by Apostille.
  2. Three (3) pre-signed letters of resignation of each one of the members of the Foundation Council.

Please contact our law firm for any questions regarding the above documents or if you require a specific incorporation package with additional or less documents. If necessary we could certainly prepare a tailored private foundation package especially for you or your client needs.