Panama Private Interest Foundations

Annual Maintenance Costs

Panama Private Foundation annual renewal costs.

In each anniversary of the date of incorporation, the Foundation must pay US$400 for the Annual Franchise Tax to the Panama Government. In addition, US$350 shall be paid to our Firm for Resident Agent fees.

In case of a Nominee Foundation Council Member appointed by our Firm, there is an annual fee of US$100 for each nominee member appointed. The above fees are also subject to a service tax surcharge.

Summary | Foundations annual maintenance costs.

Payments options.

The annual maintenance payments can be made via Bank Transference, Visa / MasterCard cards.

Annual renewal payment notifications.

Usually a reminder note via email is sent a month or so before the date due in order to maintain your Foundation in good standing with its annual payments.

Once the payment is received, our firm will take care of paying the above taxes to the Panama Government and afterwards send you a scanned copy of the official payment receipt via email.