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Panama Offshore Survey 2016

An extract of the key elements of Panama and its offshore business sector.

Panama Corporation Law:
Most used legal structures:
Type of structures preferred for international transactions:
Capital requirements:
Costs to incorporate, excluding government fees:
Annual fees paid to authorities:
The taxation of companies:
Method of Incorporation:
Who may incorporate?
Are ready made companies available?
Procedure for making changes in the corporation?
Length of time to incorporate a new company?
Minimum members:
Registered office:
Can the registered office be a bank/ lawyer/ accountant’s office?
Directors and Secretary:
Must a director/ secretary be resident from Panama?
Are Corporate Directors allowed?
Appointee directors/ secretary possible?
Amount of fees payable to appointee directors/ secretary:
Annual returns:
Must financial statements of a company be audited?
Is disclosure of profits required by filing balance sheets with annual returns?
Are there any exchange control or other financial restraints imposed upon a company?
Companies formed in the last year (2014):
Number of companies on the company register altogether:
How, if any, is migration into and out of the jurisdiction achieved?
Disclosure of Information?
Anticipated amendments to law over the next 12 months:
Anticipated law changes regarding the Offshore Business:

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