Panama Offshore Corporations

Shelf Corporations

It is possible to order through our firm corporations previously incorporated in Panama also known as “Ready Made Corporations” or “Shelf Corporations”.

Shelf corporations are basically regular corporations that are formed, but have never been used.

Shelf corporations’ concept.
Shelf corporations’ Advantages.
Shelf corporations’ Disadvantages.

Each shelf company has been duly incorporated at the Panama Public Registry by our law firm for the specific purpose of being a shelf corporation for a future client use. Their Articles of Incorporation have been drafted with totally wide and general business objectives in order to not limit any of its possible future activities.

One of the main advantages of a shelf corporation is that when the client requires one, they are already incorporated and its documents can be sent to the client in bout one or two business days.

The cost of a shelf corporations would depend on the incorporation date (the older the more costly due to the annual taxes and seniority).

Please contact us for further information and to obtain the lists of shelf corporations available up to date and the requirements in order to acquire one.