Our Firm is always looking for new alternatives in order to provide a wider range of banking options to our clients.

Although it is always suggested for clients to personally know their bankers, we have recently acquired relations with banks in Panama, Belize and Switzerland, which allow the opening of bank accounts without requiring a personal interview, as long as all the necessary documents and forms are duly authenticated, and all due-diligence requirement are fulfilled.

We are sure this will be convenient to all our clients with tight schedules who do not have the time to come to Panama or to the other jurisdictions for 2 or 3 days to open a bank account.

Kindly note that our bank introduction services are only for formal clients of our Firm that have a Panama Offshore Corporation or Panama Private Interest Foundations incorporated through our Firm.

Please see our page of Offshore Panama Banking services for more details and do not hesitate in contact us for more information regarding the offshore banking introduction services we can provide.