business-panamaPanama has emerged as one of the highest rated financial hubs in Latin America, attracting international corporations and start-ups. It is also a popular trade spot with ships and supplies frequently coming in and out of the harbors.

Business opportunities abound in Panama. If you’re looking to expand your global company or start a new business, Panama is the place to check out. Starting business operations in Panama, however, isn’t as simple as just getting a business, buying supplies and opening up the doors.

The Panamanian government has certain laws and requirements that need to be met and followed in order to do business in Panama.

These laws, rules and requirements can be hard to understand and keep track of if you choose to go at it alone.

This is where having the support and assistance of a Panama law firm can help.

An accredited Panamanian law firm will have attorneys who are experts in a variety of aspects of Panamanian business law. They can give you insight into the society and culture as well which may raise up issues or questions you may not have thought of.

How to Find the Right Panama Law Firm

The competitive business environment in Panama has led to a growth in Panama law firms. It can be an overwhelming and daunting task to find the right Panamanian law firm that is right for your business’ specific needs.

To help you in your Panamanian law firm search, here are some things to look for in a Panama law firm:

  1. Years of Experience. Setting up a business is a process that requires a heavy investment of time and resources. You’ll be paying for your legal services so you’ll want to be assured that your Panama attorneys and lawyers know what they are doing, have experience and have a history of past success. A newer Panamanian law firm may be cheaper, but their lack of experience can lead to devastating consequences for your aspiring business ventures.
  2. Certified Staff. Not only do you want a Panama law firm that has many years of experience, but the lawyers and attorneys need to be certified. A certified Panama attorney or lawyer has authority and is recognized by the country of Panama. A certification shows that an attorney or lawyer has the proper legal knowledge and has been found to follow the proper legal and ethical standards of conduct.
  3. Is knowledgeable in multiple areas. There are many aspects to setting up a business in another country. A good Panama law firm will know how complex international business law is and will have attorneys and lawyers that have knowledge and experience in many aspects of Panamanian business law and Panama offshore legal services. If you’re spending money on a law firm, wouldn’t you prefer a one-stop shop for your legal business needs?
  4. Quality Service. A good Panama law firm will treat each client and their specific business needs as the most important. You should be both comfortable and confident in your Panamanian attorneys and lawyers. The law firm should surpass your expectations and do the best they can on every one of the projects they do for you. The law firm will provide constant, prompt communication for the duration of the process.
  5. Competitive, Fixed Fees. The best Panamanian law firm will have competitive fees that have no hidden costs or a ton of fine print.

Whether you’re looking to establish residency in Panama, want to begin the process of doing business in Panama, or you’re looking for more information about Panama maritime law for your vessels that will import and export your product, contact our trusted attorneys at Mata & Pitti today for a consultation.