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Panama. Facing the world, a mediator country, capable of playing a balancing role in international relations and capably representing the region and continent.

The Panama economy is based primarily on private enterprises and depends heavily on the services sector, closely geared to international trade and external factors.

Today, more than ever, Panama provides a considerable number of services to the world financial community, positioning the country as a financial center.

Known as the “Bridge of the Americas” or “Crossroads of the World,” Panama has become a prime location for economic migration between the two continents and the two oceans. Our country has several other interesting attributes that make it an attractive hub for the worldwide business community.

Advantages of Panama.
Long banking center experience.
Panama attractive taxation law.
Political and economic stability.
Investment factors.
Type of business entities.

Panama’s legal system is based on civil law, as opposed to common law. Nonetheless, because of its traditional US ties, Panama in 1927 adopted a Corporation Code, which is similar to the old Delaware Corporation Statute.

In addition to the corporations (IBC), Panama has several types of modern business structures. A Panamanian entity that has captured the attention of many investors is the Panama Private Interest Foundation, which is very similar to the Liechtenstein establishment; however, it can be formed with substantially less cost in our country. Panama enacted in 1995 a law to govern the establishment of this entity, and it presents a serious alternative to standard offshore trust corporations.

Panama Private Interest Foundations represent a practical legal tool helpful for prudent family estate planning or asset protection and privacy.

In short, Panama offers the offshore investor and the worldwide financial community a complete range of significant advantages, including a strong economy. 

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Panama offers the offshore investor a complete range of significant advantages.