16 10, 2018

How to Get a Trademark in Panama

Panama is one of the top business-friendly countries in the world with a thriving economy, a plentiful and educated workforce and business friendly policies such as low business taxes and tariffs. With many international companies moving to Panama, the government has taken measures to help businesses protect their patented products and branding through an easy

18 07, 2018

Panama’s Economic Environment

Brought to you by Mata & Pitti: A top law firm specializing in Panama offshore legal services. The economic environment in Panama continues to be as strong as ever for international business investors. Total Companies Listed (as of 2016): Approximately 457,895 Active Corporations and 20,965 Active Private Foundations Number of Registered Companies in 2018: 3,360

14 06, 2018

Choosing a Law Firm in Panama (Infographic)

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27 04, 2018

Maritime Law in Panama: A Brief History and Lesson

Panama has the largest number of registered vessels in the world, with more than 8,100 vessels, yachts, fishing boats, tankers and cargo ships registered under its flag. The weight of all the vessels registered in Panama is around 81 million tons, which account for almost 22% of the tonnage of all ships in the world.

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2 04, 2018

Living in Panama: What You Need to Know

In today’s political and economic climate, you may be aching to escape and find somewhere new to live. And you wouldn’t be alone in those thoughts! More people than ever are packing up and moving to new countries to experience different culture, food, and people. If you’ve ever thought about doing this, you might want

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2 03, 2018

Republic of Panama Corporation Law of 1927: What You Need to Know

Panama is a great place for offshore businesses. Panama’s friendly business environment, strong economy and large workforce make it an ideal place for foreign companies to do business and base their operations. While the government has revised and laxed the rules and regulations for foreign off-shore businesses, there are still requirements and laws that every

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14 12, 2017

Opening a Corporate Bank Account in Panama for Your Panama Company or Foundation

You’ve just made it through the process of setting up a company or foundation in Panama. You’re excited to start business. What will happen to the money that you’ll make? How will you reinvest your profits into your Panamanian company or foundation? You’ll need to open a corporate bank account. Since your business has been

2 11, 2017

Taking Over the Resident Agent Duties of Existing Panama Companies or Foundations

Are you happy with your company’s or foundation’s resident agent? Does he or she show incompetence concerning various business law topics or has a history of bad communication skills that have led to disastrous lawsuits filed against your company? The legalities concerning the proper functioning and responsibilities of an international company are even more complex.

19 09, 2017

Advantages of Offshore Banking

The term offshore banking can cause a different reaction in different people, based on their experiences with the industry. For the Average Joe, offshore banking may seem shady and illegal, especially since it’s featured as such in plenty of movies and other pop culture mediums. To a person educated in the ways of finance, the

14 08, 2017

The Different Roles within a Panama Private Interest Foundation

Understanding how a Panama Private Interest Foundation (PIF) works requires an understanding of the different roles that play a part in the setup and continual operation of the foundation. The largest difference between a PIF and another type of offshore company is that a private foundation is not allowed to engage directly in commercial activities.