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May 10, 2016 | The Panama Papers? Here’s The Real Panama Story (Steve Forbes)

We wanted to share this article on Forbes, written by Steve Forbes, that takes a deep and detailed look at what the “Panama Papers” were all about. He first starts out by describing what Panama’s economy is really like. It’s currently one of the best success stories in the world, with a strong and consistent

Don’t blame Panama for the Panama Papers by Isabel Saint Malo.

This article was written by Isabel Saint Malo de Alvarado, the vice president of Panama and published in The Guardian on April 21, 2016. It is essentially a statement about how unfair the affair known as the “Panama Papers,” really is, and how the lack of financial transparency is a global problem, and not limited

Don’t Blame Panama. Tax Evasion Is a Global Problem.

This Op-Ed piece was written by the then-president of Panama, Juan Carlos Varela, and was published by the New York Times. It was written when the Panama Papers – more than 11 million documents that were hacked and released – were dominating the news about international or offshore corporations. The president wants to make it

Panamanian Government reaffirms its commitment to strengthen transparency in its legal services.

This statement was released to show how the government of Panama was committed to being more transparent about its policies and how it intended to institute a zero-tolerance policy toward “any aspect of its legal or financial system that is not handled with high levels of transparency.” It is a reminder that any legal services

MATA & PITTI Officially Registered as an Authorized Custodian of Bearer Shares Certificates in Panama.

Dear Clients: Please be advised that our law firm MATA & PITTI, has been duly registered as an authorized custodian of bearer shares certificates in Panama since May 13, 2015. Said registration has been filed at the Supreme Court of Justice of Panama, Chamber Fourth of General Businesses, in accordance with the Law 47 of

Bearer Shares Certificates. Recent changes in Panama laws.

Posted on: 05-1-2015 by: mp-admin Dear Clients: Kindly be advised that the Panama parliament approved on April 23 a law (Law 18 of 2015) that speeds up the entry into force of the -Bearer Shares Immobilization Law- (Law 47 of 2013). The key points of said law shall be as follow: For new corporations:

Recientes cambios en Panama sobre las acciones al portador

Estimados Clientes: Por este medio les informamos que la Asamblea Legislativa de Panamá aprobó una ley (Ley 18 del 23 de Abril, 2015) que adelanta la entrada en vigencia de la ley -Que adopta un régimen de custodia aplicable a las acciones emitidas al portador- (Ley 47 del 2013). Los puntos esenciales de dicha ley

No tax changes in Panama for offshore activities

Dear Clients: Please be advised that after some misunderstanding on a tax law approved by the Panamanian Legislative Branch on December 30, 2013 (law 120), we clarify that the Panama Territorial Tax Principle -which is one of the key advantages of the Panama Financial and Services Center- will be maintained as usual without changes, this is

Se mantienen exentos los impuestos de las actividades offshore

Posted on: 12-31-2013 by: mp-admin  (Se mantienen exentos los impuestos de las actividades offshore) Estimados Clientes:  Les informamos que después de un malentendido en una ley aprobada por el Organo Legislativo de Panamá (Ley 120) el 30 de diciembre de 2013, aclaramos que el Principio Territorial de la fuente de ingreso -Que es una de los pilares

Increase of the Renewal and Incorporation Cost

According to Law 28th, enacted on May 8th. 2012, Panama has increased the costs for the incorporation and renewals of the annual franchise tax for Panama Private Interest Foundations as well as the cost for the incorporation of Panama Corporations including offshore Corporations, as follows: Public Registry costs for the incorporation of Private Interest Foundations: