Panama Corporation Law:
Most used legal structures:
Type of structures preferred for international transactions:
Capital requirements:
Costs to incorporate, excluding government fees:
Annual fees paid to authorities:
The taxation of companies:
Method of Incorporation:
Who may incorporate?
Are ready made companies available?
Procedure for making changes in the corporation?
Length of time to incorporate a new company?
Minimum members:
Registered office:
Can the registered office be a bank/ lawyer/ accountant’s office?
Directors and Secretary:
Must a director/ secretary be resident from Panama?
Are Corporate Directors allowed?
Appointee directors/ secretary possible?
Amount of fees payable to appointee directors/ secretary:
Annual returns:
Must financial statements of a company be audited?
Is disclosure of profits required by filing balance sheets with annual returns?
Are there any exchange control or other financial restraints imposed upon a company?
How, if any, is migration into and out of the jurisdiction achieved?

Migration of foreign companies and Private Foundations to Panama is allowed. Migration out of Panama depends on new jurisdiction. Companies and Private Foundations remain effective in Panama if not dissolved in Panama.