Panama Law Firm established since 1984.

[wpml_translate lang=en]Panama Offshore Corporations[/wpml_translate][wpml_translate lang=es]Sociedades Anónimas en Panamá[/wpml_translate]

Offshore Corporations

With a substantial knowledge of taxation, legal protection, and international commerce, Mata & Pitti are well prepared to assist you in creating and managing your Panama Offshore Company.

[wpml_translate lang=en]Vessels Registrations[/wpml_translate][wpml_translate lang=es]Registro de Naves en Panamá[/wpml_translate]

Vessels Registrations

With our many years of experience and competitive costs, our firm is an excellent choice in providing the legal services related to vessel or yacht registrations and procedures in Panama.

[wpml_translate lang=en]Private Interest Foundations[/wpml_translate][wpml_translate lang=es]Fundaciones de Interés Privado en Panamá[/wpml_translate]

Private Interest Foundations

For estate planning or asset protection purposes, our experience and proficiency is exactly what you need to guide you through setting up and managing your Panama Private Interest Foundation.

[wpml_translate lang=en]Maritime and Admiralty Law[/wpml_translate][wpml_translate lang=es]Derecho y Litigios Marítimos en Panamá[/wpml_translate]

Maritime and Admiralty Law

Here at Mata and Pitti we are known for our vast experience in Panama maritime law and activities related to international maritime commerce conflicts and litigations.

[wpml_translate lang=en]Panama Trademark Registration[/wpml_translate][wpml_translate lang=es]Registro de Marcas en Panama[/wpml_translate]

Panama Trademarks

Due to its privileged geographical position and its role in the world commerce, Panama is a key juridiction to register and protect your trademark.

Mata & Pitti | Panama Law Firm with more than 30 years of experience.

Mata & Pitti is a Panama law firm specialized in the Offshore Legal Services that Panama provides to the world. Our areas of practice are mainly related with; Incorporations of Panama Offshore Companies and Private Interest Foundations. Our Firm also specializes in Vessels | Yachts Registrations in Panama as well as Maritime and Admiralty Law.

Founded in 1984, our offices are located in the prestigious banking district of Panama City, which is currently one of the highest rated financial centers in Latin America. As a global oriented law firm, the Panama attorneys that make up our team are each specialists and experienced in offshore legal services, Panama Maritime Laws and its surrounding legal concerns.

Browse our practice areas on our website to find out the advantages of using a Panama Offshore Company for your international commerce operations or the asset protection that a Panama Private Foundation can provide. Learn more of how our specialties are aligned with your goals. Whether you are interested in offshore legal services, trademark registrations, maritime law or more, our Panama lawyers are waiting to assist you.

As experts in Panama law, our firm has the experience, professionalism, integrity and dedication to make your business succeed.

Panama lawyers positioned to help you with the legal services that Panama offers to the world.